Sasha Nissengolts, Adjudicator, USA

Sasha is a highly accomplished and sought after dancer, choreographer, and coach based out of Dance Passion Studio in Brooklyn, NY. She began her dancing career at a young age and quickly became one of the top Latin dancers in the United States. As an amateur competitor she has trained with the world’s top teachers and has achieved great results nationally and internationally. She is NDCA Youth US National Latin Champion, USA Dance National Latin Finalist, London Ball Finalist, International Under 21 Latin Semi-finalist, Ohio Star Ball Under 21 Latin Champion, Ohio Star Ball Amateur Latin Finalist, New Jersey State Open Latin Champion, Holiday Classic Latin Champion, and many others. Her students became US National Champions and World Finalists.

Alex Spencer, Adjudicator, USA

Alex Spencer’s passion for dance began at the age of seven years old. Originally from Atlanta, Alex started his dance career at the Academy of Ballet Arts and danced at various, prestigious schools throughout his younger years. It wasn’t long before ballroom tugged at him, and he has never looked back. Alex officially began his teaching career at local studio after which he relocated to New York City to pursue greater dance opportunities within the Ballroom and Latin dance circuit. Alex’s accomplishments are remarkable, with many awards and recognitions over the years. He has competed nationally and internationally, placing top honors in many open amateur and professional events, including the National Amateur Final and numerous Professional Rising Star Championships. Most impressive is his approachable and exuberant nature that he brings to dance and his teaching. Equally concerned about technique as he is about the people he teaches and dances with, Alex is a respected competitor and a sought-after teacher, and pro-am competitor.

Liene Reinbold, Adjudicator, USA

Liene was born in Riga, Latvia and started taking dance lessons at the age of 4. Ever since, she has competed in national and international ballroom dance competitions in many European countries. At the age of 18 she moved to Lithuania to study ballroom dancing in Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) in Kaunas. A year later she did meet her current dance partner Martin Reinbold and formed a long lasting partnership. In 2000, after graduating from LSU with Bachelor’s degree in Ballroom Dance, Liene continued her graduate studies in Riga, Latvia and in 2002 graduated with Master’s diploma in Small Business Management. Competing with Martin as an amateur until 2005, and then as professional, Liene had represented Latvia and Lithuania in many dance competitions, including World, European, and regional championships, UK Open, British Open, International Open, and German Open Dance Championships. In 2009 Liene and Martin started competing in the United States and their performance did not stay unnoticed – they were offered a top tier dance instructor positions in the leading dance studio in Atlanta, GA and since 2011 Liene and Martin call Atlanta home. Liene is highly demanded dance professional: coach, competitor, teacher, and choreographer. She works with students from Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, and New York. Liene was awarded a prestigious Top Teacher award at the United States Dance Championships in 2015 and 2016. Liene is an active member of National Dance Council of America (NDCA) and World Dance Council (WDC). She is Certified Dance Teacher, Certified Professional Competitor, and Certified Ballroom Dance Adjudicator.

Mark Tabor, Scrutineer, USA

Introduced to ballroom dancing in 1993, Mark became involved in competition, and competed for over 15 years. Beginning in 2000, he organized 18 chapter competitions and Six USA Dance Regional Competitions. Throughout this experience, he developed the O2CM system for DanceSport competition management and began scrutineering. Mark moved to Oregon and began teaching at The Ballroom Dance Company in 2008. In 2013, Moved to Fort Worth Texas to better serve O2CM clients across the country at events nearly every other week. He works all levels of events as a scrutineer, including NDCA pro/am events, USA Dance National Championships and WDSF World Championship and World Cups. 

Olga Jacobs, Adjudicator, USA

Olga Jacobs is an international performer and competitor. Ever since she graduated from St. Petersburg University Russia with B.A in Dance in 2000, she has performed with Philharmonic Society Dance Company around the world. She has performed featured roles in ballets such as The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, La Esmeralda, Blue Bird, Swan Lake and many more. She has also studied Ballroom with some of the world’s most experienced professionals including Bill Davis, Kasia Kozak, Eulia Baranovsky, Steven Dougherty, Olga Kormanovskaya, Linda Jackson, Charles Jones and David Medeiros. She specializes in International Latin, International Standard, and American Smooth.

Olena Shvets - Nikishkin, Adjudicator, USA

Olena was born in Ukraine in 1990 and started dancing when she was 5. She danced in Ukraine till she was 19, before moving to the United States. Olena and Dmitry Nikishkin met in 2011 and became dance partners, representing the USA. They are World Masters Professional Latin Champions and finalists of major Professional Latin Dance Sport Championships in the United States such as Ohio Star Ball, Emerald Ball, Millenium Danceport Championship, Hollywood DanceSport Championship, Holiday Dance Classic.​

Alisa Suceveanu, Adjudicator, USA

Alisa Suceveanu is a professional dancer, coach, choreographer and FNDL Adjudicator. She was born and raised in Moldova. During her time as an amateur and later professional ballroom dancer she won and was a finalist in multiple International Championships.  As a coach she has trained and continues to train kids and adults, many of which have become USA National Champions.

Dmitry Nikishkin, Adjudicator, USA

Dmitry was born in the South of Russia and started dancing at the age of 5. He was a champion of his region and at the age of 21 moved to New York to improve his dance skills. In 2011 he met a wonderful girl (Olena) who became his dance partner and in 2015 his wife. Together they are World Masters Professional Latin Champions and finalists of major Professional Latin Dance Sport Championships in the United States such as Ohio Star Ball, Emerald Ball, Millenium Danceport Championship, Hollywood DanceSport Championship, Holiday Dance Classic.

Alina Spencer, Adjudicator, USA

Alina Spencer grew up dancing in her hometown of Liviv, Ukraine and fell in love with Ballroom and Latin dance at a young age. A true lover of music and movement, Alina brings a brilliant and graceful approach to dance, which has led her to great recognition with partner Alex Spencer. She thrives in the competitive yet artistic world of Ballroom and Latin dance and has become a popular dancer in the professional circuit. Over the course of her career, Alina has won various awards and has placed high in championships around the world, including the Ukrainian National under 21 Latin Champion, Cup of Europe Latin Champion, and 2012 World Championship. When she’s not competing, Alina teaches alongside partner Alex Spencer, where her warmth and humor have made her a popular dance instructor​​.

Katrina Volgina, Organizer
Katrina is a professional competitor, coach, choreographer and adjudicator. She is the Southern District Director for the Junior Athletes DanceSport Association (JADA). Katrina danced competitively in Russia for 20 years and represented Russia at international competitions including the 1998 Olympic Asian Games. In 2007 she came to United States and started dancing in the Professional Division with Rainer Ricks and as a Pro/Am within the NDCA. In 2014 she became the organizer for the amateur competition The Volga Cup, which is held each year to promote amateur DanceSport in the USA. As an instructor, Katrina has taught children and adults all over the world, including Korea, China, Macau, and Hong Kong. Once in the United States Katrina opened Volga Dance Academy, the most successful competitive dance program for children in the Southeast. With her focus on fitness, gymnastics, and dance Katrina has developed some of the area’s best junior, adult, and pro/am students. Katrina is a FNDL USA Representative, WDC International Adjudicator and USA Dance A+ B+ C+ D+ E+ National Adjudicator.


March 16, 2019

Rainier Rics, MC, USA

Rainier Rics provides dance instruction, coaching, judging, and professional shows in Smooth, Rhythm, Standard and Latin styles. He and his students compete in competitions around the country. He is also a dance event organizer and runs the Cherokee Rose Showcase and the Coolanta Mini-Match. He is registered with the N.D.C.A. and is a member of I.S.T.D. Off the dance floor, Rainier is a well-known emcee at ballroom dance events nationwide.

Daniel Gonzalez, Adjudicator, USA

Daniel Gonzalez was born and raised in Pareira, Colombia.  He began dancing at the age of nine and has not stopped dancing since.  An accomplished Latin dancer, Daniel has represented the United States in several international competitions including the Wold Championships in 2012. He has won and placed in numerous large competitions in the United States. Some of Daniel's title include: 2008 Junior World Pro/Am latin Champion. 2009 USA Dance Pre-champ latin Champion, 2011 ABC's "Dancing With The Stars, Youth Ballroom Battle" Semifinalist, 2012 United States Amateur Latin Finalist.